Stunt Scooter

The Easy People Stunt Scooter section contains all of our stunt scooters models, and their accessories. Our Stunt Scooters are designed to have interchangeable parts for easy customization or replacement; such as our brakes. The Complete Stunt Scooters come either as a combo or just standard. The combo includes a set of Snowskate Universal Ski Kit. Both the combo and standard come with the standard black 100mm wheels, as well as ABEC-7 bearings. The Completes come in white and black or you can mix and match the deck and handle bar colors.

The Cross Color Handlebars are perfect for customizing your ride or just replacing a worn out part. The handlebars come in 5 colors made with high-quality aluminum to create a light feel while being strong. The interchangeable Stunt Scooter decks come in a variety of colors: purple, black, green, orange. The decks also consist of high quality aluminum, for light weight durability.

The Stunt Scooter Accessories section contains everything you need for a safe and storable ride. Easy People has a “holder” for your scooter to keep it from falling, they come in green, red, blue. Protective gear for your head, wrist, elbows, and knees with replacement handlebar grips. The Bearings come in three grades ABEC-5, ABEC-7, ABEC-9 ranging from beginner, intermediate and pro; to help your ride be smooth.

All Easy People Stunt Scooters come with standard black “bolt” wheels but you can upgrade them to either our gel light up wheels or metal core wheels. The gel light up wheels do not require any charging and light up solely by the wheels motion, the core can be taken out to remove the light up feature. The metal core wheels come in red, green, blue and black.



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