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Please contact us if you are looking for a Skateboard Shop, Longboard Shop, Hoverboard Shop, Stun5t Scooter Shop, Snowskate Shop, Electric Longboard or Electric Skateboard Shop. You are the best location.  

Location 1

 Head Office (Canada)

245 Manse Road, Unit 87
Toronto, Ontario, M1E4X7

Monday-Friday: 10 A.M. To 5 P.M. EST

Saturday – Sunday Closed


Location 2

 US Office:

21 Lasalle Avenue
Buffalo, New York, 14214
United States

Monday-Friday: 10 A.M. To 5 P.M.EST

Saturday – Sunday Closed


To call us:

Dealer Support:1-877-469-1818 ext.1

Riders Customer Service:1-877-469-1818 ext.2

Accounting & Billing:1-877-469-1818 ext.3


Dedicated to the progression of Longboarding Skateboarding Hoverboarding Snow Skate Stunt Scooters & Electric Longboarding
summer fun & winter fun is with us 100% guaranteed every day!



If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or us using the form below.


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