The Easy People Snowskates come in two different models, TS1 and TSP2. The TS-1 model is made with 7 PLY laminated Hardrock Canadian Maple wood ,water proof and designed with a mellow-deep top-concave. The Snowskates bottom has a protection precision clear carbon fiber layer to withstand different harsh conditions. The TS1 comes in 6 colors blue, green, red, natural, purple, black. The TSP2 is made of Hardrock Canadian Maple, the bottom has a precision 7 Channel back Pattern Grooves. The Channel pattern on the back helps the riders navigate through the snow. A Leash hole is at the front of the deck for easy leash attachment, the leash can attach to the ankle or wrist. The grip tape is a anti-slip grip made of foam, the bottom is very sticky to stay on during harsh/ wet conditions; available in blue and red.



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