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Easy People Stunt Scooter Cross Colors Green Handlebar with White Deck

Easy People Stunt Scooter is a great ride, at a great value.

The Easy People Complete Stunt Scooter are lightweight and durable. The frame is consist of CNC metal core wheel, with a triple champ. They come firstly in standard with just wheels or secondly the combo that comes with wheels and ski attachments. The Complete Stunt Scooters deck is a hole deck & goose neck reinforced /Steel “Y” Handlebar 20.5’ wide, and is extra wide reinforce. The wheels are 100mm and the scooter can use any wheels of that same size, and have ABEC-7 bearings in them. Our headset has seal and intergrade, deck rear has an intergrade bushing component therefore they absorb all the hard impacts.  

The materials we chose create strength, durability; does not interfere with your ridding experience street, park, cruising, downhill. They has a wide deck, oversize bars, triple champ, seal intergrade headset, intergrade safety lock fork system, 100mm & 88A alloy core wheels, ABEC-7 EP Semi-Pro bearings, fender blitz brake. With the possibility to ride your scooter in any weather this hits the sweet spot in all riders’ imagination. At last an absolute perfect for any ridder who wants a setup that won’t break the bank! therefore they are a ride that will give a perfect start into scooter riding.

Easy People Stunt Scooters Cross Colors White Handlerbar with Black Deck
easy people stunt scooters cross colors white handlebar with black deck


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