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Easy People Skateboard Blank Decks SB-1 Semi-Pro Naturalx 1

Easy People Blank Decks

The Easy People Cheap Blank Skateboard Decks come in two creative models, the SB-1 and the SB-2. Firstly the SB-1 is the semi-pro series, secondly, the SB-2 is the pro model. The cheap blank skateboard decks are in 1-pack, 3-pack, 5-pack, 7-pack, 10 pack in natural or colour stain. The stain colours are black, blue, green, red, and purple, with a layer of wood sheering through the colour stain. Only the natural stain blank deck is available in SB-1 and SB-2, therefore the colour stain is only in the SB-1 model. You can mix and match colours in orders, and even upsize some of the blank deck to an 8.5″ for a fee. The SB-1 decks consist of 7-ply US Maple veneers for lightness and flexibility, however, the SB-2 is consist of 7-ply Canadian Maple high-grade veneers/carbon fibre formula for strength, lightness and flexibility. The SB-1 is perfect for beginners to intermediate riders whereas SB-2 is best for intermediate to advanced riders. A very stiff board and a mellow concave, help you take on downhills at top speeds.

Be creative with your board

This plain board is a perfect choice for those who love a simple life. Our cheap blank skateboard deck. Our blank deck is very easy to customize, decorate with your own stickers or drawings to be extra creative! Our blank boards serve as an excellent background for your creative artwork. You can even paint on it if you like and make beautiful designs. Why spray paint on a wall when a blank board seems much more fitting?

Easy People Skateboard Blank Decks SB-1 Semi- Pro Natural x 7
easy people skateboard blank decks sb-1 semi-Pro natural x7


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