The Easy People Trucks is our Longboard Truck ( Raccoon Truck series) without any wheels. All Trucks are made with high quality, the baseplate is heat treated (only black & white Raccoon Truck). The bushing seat has a fully wrapped leaning system, with bushing base lock-in. We add thickness to eliminate any possible baseplate warping, it helps withstand heavy impact. They have a Light Weight Axel: Length 248 mm and Durable Strength Hanger: Length 7”. The hanger is versatile and you can flip the hanger around from 52 to 40 degree, to customize your ride.



Dedicated to the progression of Longboarding Skateboarding Hoverboarding Snow Skate Stunt Scooters & Electric Longboarding

summer fun & winter fun is with us 100% guaranteed every day!

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