The Longboards section includes all the longboards Easy People have available. Both completes and decks display. They are made with high grade maple and have carbon fiber infusion to make them durable. There are 12 shapes to choose from, so you get the ride your looking for. You can change your bushings, to suit your style of riding. We also have a variety of graphics available and custom stylish grip tape, for the ultimate customization. You can use Risers to help lift your board and absorb shock on a bumpy ride. Extra Hardware is available for purchase as well, incase you need to change or replace a part. Our Longboard Trucks come in two colors, they come as completes ( wheels, bearings) or sold just as the trucks. Our Longboard Wheels come in various colors, and can be solid or gel. Longboard Accessories has all of our recommended safety gear for riders, as well as a ski kit that can turn your summer ride into a winter ride.



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