TSP2 Snowskates Blue & Red Channelback Snow Skateboarding


Snowskates TSP2 Blue & Red Channelback

  • Riders Flow
  • Snow, Snowskate Park, Street, Skate Park
  • Speed For Tricks: Fast made for long distances & Big Mountains
  • Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced
  • Features:
  • Wood: 7 PLY Hardrock Canadian Maple – WaterProof
    Deck Top: Mellow-Deep Concave (faster flip spin)
    Snowskate Grip Tape: Rubber Foam Grip With Anti Slip
    Deck Bottom: Precision 7 Channelback Pattern Grooves (Skater’s Better Direction Control)
  • Condition: New Only
  • Dimensions:
  • Snowskate size: L32.5 inch x W8.5 inch
    SnowSkate Leash: Size L45 inch
  • Product Weight: 2.5 KG (traditional skate feeling)





Easy People Snowskates TSP2 Blue & Red Channelback Snow Skateboarding is a hybrid of a skateboard and a snowboard. We intended to bring skateboard-style tricks on the snow.

  • We wanted to create a new experience that is most closely described as skateboarding on snow. The TSP2 Snowskates Blue & Red Channelback Snow Skateboarding is perfect for riding in snow skate parks and urban terrain but can also be ridden downhills. However, with our leash function, they are mostly permitted to ride down on ski resorts.
  • Perform your tricks on all turfs. TSP2 Snowskates Blue & Red Channelback Snow Skateboarding fun is always guaranteed with Easy People!
  • Easy People Snow Skate Leash is made in conjunction with our Snow Fun products, to help your board or scooter stay close when you’re on a resort or just about to take on a gnarly hill. Our adjustable band, allows you to have the choice of attaching your leash to your wrist or ankle.
  • Made of Nylon and polyester webbing it is guaranteed to have a long life spanned & not rip while in use. Snowboard leashes are now a legal requirement in many resorts, so make sure you get one before you go away.
  • Additional Information
  • Our snowskate grip tape is made out of a rubber foam anti-slip construction. This anti-slip resistance increases traction on the deck.


Easy People Snow Skate Leash Attachment




Dedicated to the progression of Longboarding Skateboarding Hoverboarding Snow Skate Stunt Scooters & Electric Longboarding

summer fun & winter fun is with us 100% guaranteed every day!

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 15 × 10 cm


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