Snowskate Fun

The Easy People Snowskate Fun has all of our winter products and accessories. The Snowskate Grip Tape is perfect for any board, soft on top but very sticky on the bottom; so they hold on during the wet conditions. The Snowskate Leash helps you keep your Snowskate board close when you slip off, meant for our “leash hole”. The Snowskate Ski Longboards, our longboard decks (all models) with Raccoon Trucks and Snow Ski Kit attachment. Our Snowskate Ski Skateboards are skateboard decks (all models) with Beaver Trucks and a Snow Ski Kit attachment. Snow Ski Stunt Scooters are a cool way to turn your summer scooter into a winter ride. Snowskate Universal Snow Ski Kit comes in either a 2 or 4 pack, and can transition on to your trucks easily. Our Snowskates come in 2 styles, the first TSP2 has a plastic like backing with channels to help glide through snow, with a soft weather resistant grip tape. The second TS1 uses a Protection Precision Clear Carbon Fibre Layer on the bottom, the top has a  Rubber Foam Grip With Anti Slip.



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