Stunt Scooter Accessories

The Easy People Stunt Scooter Accessories section has all of our protective and storage items for your stunt scooter. Our EP Uni Protective Gear package contain wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee pads; everything you need to protect you during your ride. You can pair this with our EP helmets for the ultimate protection, with a adjustable chin strap and pads enterally to keep it secure. Our Stunt Scooter Accessories section also has our ski attachments that help you turn your scooter from a summer ride into a winter ride. Our Stunt Scooter Stand is the perfect accessory to help you store your scooter without having to worry about it falling over, they come in three colors so you can choose our storage style. Our Scooter Grip Handlebars can help you replace your worn out handles, and provide extra grip.



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