Easy People SB-1 Semi-Pro Skateboard Deck


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With summer coming up and the nice weather keeping constant ( at least in Toronto ) we wanted to take this time to give a quick re-cap as to why easy people is such a strong competitor in the skateboard field.

Our  SB-1 is a ” semi-pro”,  our semi pro skateboards have a great pop and are suited for beginners to intermediate, and support lightweight -weight capacity. Made from USA grade maple, our boards offer a sturdy ride that will last .

Riders Flow
Street, Park, Cruising, Downhill

Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate


Pop: Awesome
Concave: Mellow

Stained: Natural

Length: 31”-
Width: 7.75” – 8.0” – 8.25”- 8.5″x 31.75″
It’s deck has selected 7 ply US Maple veneers for lightness and flexibility.


Easy People skateboards 1x sb-1 semi-pro skateboard blank deck features a mellow concave, stiff enough to head downhill at high speed and full of pop to get over and around obstacles. The SB-1 is developed for beginner to starting intermediate level skating: street, park, cruiser lines, distance and slopes. The range of shapes delivers true versatility with options – size up for speed, down for tricks. Find the right size for your stance, style, or target terrain range or for furniture and artwork.

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