Easy People Purple Hoverboard + Bag Combo

Hoverboard Purple With Bag

Easy People Purple Hoverboard + Bag Combo comes with Hoverboard and carry bag.

The Easy people Purple Hoverboard With Bag Combo are a futuristic ride, that uses advanced technology with protection. With sensors and motors, the device predicts the direction you want to go. It senses your movements and will go wherever it detects the most weight. Easy People offers a way to protect your device and carry it around safely, a reliable carrying bag. The Bag consists of high-quality stretchy nylon and polyester, which prevents scratches on the Hoverboard. A carrying case for a convenient way to transport the device, when not in use. You can store the hoverboard in its bag under furniture or in corners, you should most likely place it somewhere on the ground due to its weight. The Bag has a long fabric handle that you can hold if you’d like to carry it with ease.

For our purple hoverboard with bag, we use a high-end motor from Brussel, a long-lasting battery from Samsung, and very clever sensors to detect when the rider leans in a certain direction and in turn. Unlike a Segway these do not have handlebars, so they are very convenient to store as they don’t take up much space. All boards have gone through testing such as UL, RHoS, and CE this is to ensure safety when the device is on or charging. The Hoverboards come with Bluetooth capabilities so that you can sync your smartphone with it and play music as you ride. We wish you the best of fun on this product, always take it easy people.

Easy People Hoverboard Purple Two Wheel Self Balancing Motorized Scooter with Bag
Easy People hoverboard purple two-wheel self-balancing motorized scooter with a bag


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