Skateboard Bearings

The Easy People Skateboard Bearings come in three grades ABEC-5, ABEC-7, ABEC-9; a small yet essential part. Bearings help the wheels moving after a “push”, the grade will help determine how long the bearings spin. The ABEC-5 is best for a intermediate rider, the ABEC-7 is great for a semi-pro rider, the ABEC-9 is better for a pro style rider. The ABEC-5’s have 5 balls stainless steal, lightly oiled. The ABEC-7’s have 7 polish stainless steal balls, that have grease and oil lubrication. The ABEC-9’s have 9 machine polished stainless steal balls, that are pre-lubricated. They come in a pack of 8, in the color of blue.



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