Easy People Offers Combo Stunt Scooter with Wheels & Snow Ski Kit in Canada Ontario London N5V 1G8

Easy People Offers Combo Stunt Scooter with wheels & snow ski kit in Canada Ontario London 

Combo Stunt Scooter with wheels & snow ski kit

Free shipping included within Canada!

Condition: New


There has never been a lighter or high spec stunt scooter than this one.

We created a revolutionary bushing / spacer component for the deck to absorb impact. It has  a wide concave deck , oversized bars, triple champ, sealed headset, integrated safety lock fork, 100mm & 88A alloy core wheels, ABEC-9 EP-Pro bearings, fender blitz brake and snow ski kit. With the possibility to ride your scooter in any weather this hits the sweet spot in all riders’ imagination. Absolute perfect for any ridder who wants a setup that won’t break the bank!

The Combo Stunt Scooter will take the punishment & keep running smooth for years to come.


Choose your stunt scooter. Ready to Ride!


Prices below:

White stunt scooter: $170

Combo white stunt scooter: $190


Black stunt scooter: $170

Combo black stunt scooter: $190


Available Accessories:

Black Bolt Wheels with EP Pro bearings ABEC-9 (2PCS): $40

Black Grip Tape size 9”x33:: $10

Snow Ski Kit (2 PCS): $30


This is how to place your order:

Send us your e-mail/shipping address & quantity you want to order to riders@easypeople.ca

We will send you a Paypal invoice; you can also pay Interac E-mail Transfer and Credit Cards. After receiving payment we will ship out your order and send you the tracking information. You can place your order through our web site as well www.easypeople.ca


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Easy People Stunt Scooter Combo With Wheels Black
Easy People Stunt Scooter Combo With Wheels Black


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