Easy People Offers 2 Wheel Self Balancing Hover Board in Canada Prince Edward Island Charlottetown C1A 1N3

Easy People Offers 2 Wheel Self Balancing Hover Board in Canada Prince Edward Island Charlottetown 

2 Wheel Self Balancing Hoverboard

Free shipping within Canada!
Condition: New

Model: DS-1 Classic Style,

Specification: Certified CE FC,

Motor Power: 2x 350W, Max. Speed: 25 KM/H, Dim mention: 27”x7.3”x7”, Range: 20 KM, Battery: Samsung Battery, Charging Time: 1 Hour, Tire: free Inflatable 6.5” Wheel, Max. Load: 180 KG, Weight: 12KG

There’s been a real revolution in personal transportation. Some people call it a “2 wheel self-balancing board,” For the vast majority of people it is known as a Drift Skateboard/hoverboard.

It is very popular and you’re bound to have seen some of these Drift Skateboards out and about, or maybe reviews on our social media.

It certainly looks like you’re “hovering” a few inches off the ground.

We use on our drift skateboards a high-end motor, a long-lasting battery from Samsung and very clever sensors to detect when the rider leans in a certain direction, and in turn, the electric motors spin the wheels to move in that direction. Basically, all you do is shift your weight in the desired direction and you will move towards it. Riding one is pretty eerie, as the board seems to “know” where you want to go. It’s almost like it’s reading your mind.

This is basically the same technology that the Segway uses, but here we have no handlebars. This makes the drift skateboard/hoverboard a lot more compact and convenient to commute to work, where you can just store your electric drift skateboard/hoverboard under your desk until you go home.

Not all 2-wheel self-balancing hoverboards are created equal……!

Choose your Drift Skateboard / Hoverboard. Ready to Ride!

Colour availability: White, Black, Blue, Red

Available Accessories:

Blue Tooth: $30

Remote Control: $25

This is how to place your order:

Send us your e-mail/shipping address & quantity you want to order to riders@easypeople.ca

We will send you a Paypal invoice; you can also pay Interac E-mail Transfer and Credit Cards. After receiving payment we will ship out your order and send you the tracking information. You can place your order through our website as well www.easypeople.ca

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Easy People Hoverboard Two Wheel Balancing Scooter Black
Easy People Hoverboard Two-Wheel Balancing Scooter Black


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