Easy People Longboards Pintail Longboard Deck PT-2 Blank Natural


  • USD: $57.00

Riders Flow
Cruising, Carving, Power Slide

Features                                                           Dimensions
Flex: Middle                                                        Length: 40” x Width: 10.0”
Concave: Middle                                                Wheelbase: 27.5”

The deck has selected Maple veneers / carbon fiber formula. This gives the deck lightness, strength and flexibility. It has an Easy People design grip tape. Ready to ride!



Easy People longboards pintail longboard deck pt-2 blank natural features a stable platform designed for controlled cruising and carving. The PT2 top-mount is made for twisting canyon runs of anywhere in the world. This shape is ergonomically style. The PT2 concave sets you up with maximum comfort when tucking and optimum grip in slides. The design has a wide tail and deep wheel wells so riders can put their foot right over the back truck when freeriding. It dishes out a new level of cruising and carving performance with serious visual styles.


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