Easy People Longboards Drop Down Lowrider Longboard Deck DD-3 Blank Natural


  • USD: $91.20

Riders Flow
Cruising, Power Slide, Downhill

Features                                                           Dimensions
Flex: Middle                                                        Length: 40” x Width: 9.5”
Concave: Deep                                                  Wheelbase: 31.25”

The deck has selected Maple veneers / carbon fiber formula. This gives the deck lightness, strength and flexibility. It has an Easy People design grip tape. Ready to ride!



Easy People longboards drop down lowrider longboard deck dd-3 blank natural features a serious board that was made to compete. Bringing together various characteristics from downhill, the layout makes it the ultimate board for freeride and downhill. Its design cradles your feet, locking them in a secure and comfortable way. The concave shape supports your arch, and stops it from sliding around on your board, especially while you’re shredding. It is rigid, light, and agile. It has a great torsional resistance, and is quicker to respond. Made for those who crave a truly superior ride.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 1 cm


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