Easy People Stunt Scooter Red Wheels


  • USD: $22.80

Riders Flow
Street & Park, Cruising, Downhill

100 mm diameter
82a durometer/hardness

Rounded Edges
Alloy CNC Core Wheel
ABEC-7 Bearings

Can fit on a scooter with 100mm wheels
Easy people stunt scooter cross color wheel sets are made of a combination of high-performance urethane, a new pouring process, and a proprietary curing method that gives the rider a grippy, fast, smooth ride.



Easy people stunt scooter color wheel set red is awesome especially for park tricks. This wheel features an amazing grip in the most demanding situations but while still providing a smooth ride. Alloy core makes it lightweight whilst remaining robust and helps take the impact. It handles high speeds with great stability and control, 100mm diameter allows it to be versatile and fit in scooters that usually have 110mm. The smaller the wheel diameter (100mm) the faster your wheels spin.


Easy People Stunt Scooter Cross Colors Black With Black Deck is lightweight and the perfect scooter for those who love to be creative, with many cool options it’s a dream. We created a revolutionary bushing/spacer component for the deck to absorb impact. It 100mm & 88A alloy core wheels, ABEC-7 EP Semi-Pro bearings, flex brake. Great scooter for your early years in a park, lightweight makes it easy for you to carry around.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 5 cm


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