Hoverboard battery


  • USD: $76.00

Condition: New
Voltage: 36V
Capacity: 4000mAh/ 144Wh
Dimensions: 57mm(height)- 85mm(width)- 135mm(length)
CE certified



Our Universal Hoverboard battery can turn any hoverboard dub into a running stud, made by Samsung our battery is long-lasting and holds a charge. They are all UL, FC & CE certified and are high performing.

We want the fun to last forever! Unlike regular scooters that don’t require charging, hoverboards need regular charging to stay running in optimal condition and speed. Fortunately, with the length of hoverboard battery life, you’re in luck. A hoverboard lithium-ion battery pack lasts long per full charge. Although it’s not forever, it definitely means longer time spans to let the good times roll.

To reach that level of maximum enjoyment, charge the battery fully prior to your first ride. Choose a place that’s out of direct sunlight and away from flames or sparks to prevent damage to the battery. The adults are in charge when it comes to battery life. Make sure kids know the protocol, though, so you can charge it as soon as they’re done for the day. How long does a hoverboard battery last? Longer if you take good care of it.

To preserve hoverboard battery life, consider all that goes into keeping it in prime condition. The actual ride time you get per charge is dependent on a few different factors like rider weight, road conditions, and battery maintenance. There’s a lot you can do to maintain a battery that will carry you through ride after ride. Follow these tips to keep things running as smoothly as possible for your hoverboard.

It’s always smart to practice good habits for any device that requires a charge to help it last longer and function at an optimal level. The same goes for hoverboard care. It doesn’t take any extra effort just purposeful action.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 38 × 26 × 13 cm


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