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Easy Peoples Simply Fit Boards, a Fun and Colorful way to get in shape.

The Simply Fit Boards has a unique design that makes it easy for people to get in an efficient workout almost anywhere. Place the board on a smooth, firm surface and stand on the board to engage your core, legs, and back while doing basic twists, weight training, knocking out squats and planks, and more. The Simply Fit Boards is a balance board with a twist. . It is a lot of fun by yourself in front of a TV or with friends and family. You can storage very easily and it is great for your health.

The Simply Fit Boards is basically just a curved, unstable surface that you can stand and twist around on. Because you’re forced to stabilize your body (via your abs) during all that twisting, the promises touted on. They are pretty big: “Fun, easy & effective workout in just minutes a day” that “tones your abs, legs, and entire core.” The material is strong therefore it can support a lot of weight.

Simply Fit Board Orange
simply fit board orange


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