Easy people Universal Adjustable Hover Board Hovercart Go Cart Sitting ATTACHMENT Only! Hover Cart Fits All Hoverboards


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Riders Flow

Street – Park, Cruising, Racing


How does it work?

Hovercart takes full advantage of the balancing technology that already exists in your hoverboard to accelerate, brake, turn, and balance.

  • Intuitive hand-operation puts you in full control.
  • Independent rear wheel drive allows Hovercart to turn and even drive in reverse.
  • Hovercart quickly and easily attach and detach, leaving your hoverboard untouched,
  • Hovercart is fully adjustable and can accommodate riders from 50lbs and 200lbs.
  • It works on the typical 6.5″, 8″ or “Lamborghini”  and 10″ boards with 100% success.



Hovercart is a universal adjustable hoverboard hovercart go kart Sitting ATTACHMENT Only! This Hovercart Fits All Hoverboards and is a great accessory and transforms your hoverboard into a Hovercraft Go-Cart. It turns into a three-wheeled vehicle that is stable and maneuverable.


We use on our hoverboards a high-end motor from Brussel, a long-lasting battery from Samsung, and very clever sensors to detect when the rider leans in a certain direction, and in turn, the electric motors spin the wheels to move in that direction. Basically, all you do is shift your weight in the desired direction and you will move towards it. Riding one is pretty eerie, as the board seems to “know” where you want to go. It’s almost like it’s reading your mind.
This is basically the same technology that the Segway uses, but here we have no handlebars. This makes the hoverboard a lot more compact and convenient to commute to work, where you can just store your hoverboard under your desk until you go home.
Not all 2 wheel self-balancing hoverboards are created equal……!

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 40 × 15 × 15 cm


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