• USD: $30.40

Riders Flow:
Street & Park, Carving, Downhill

Conforms: To All Deck Shapes & Sizes

Snowskate Grip Tape: Rubber Foam Grip With Anti Slip Water Proof
Grippy, Sticky Tape
Dimensions: L 33” x W 10.5”

Easy Assembly & Remove & Ready To Ride



Our Easy People Snowskate Skateboard Grip Tape for skateboard ski is carefully designed by our team and handcrafted to withstand the harsh conditions of winter. The design will help you easily tell between the nose and the tail of the deck. The grip tape addresses slip resistance by increasing traction on any deck. The bottom of the Snowskate Skateboard grip tape will peel off a sheet, revealing a very sticky underside that will stick to the top of any deck & last through any harsh weather conditions. It will give you guaranteed a stable platform for ultimate control!

It will increase the traction between your feet and the board. Tough layers & provide a long-lasting high grip material that does not load up with snow.

Additional Information

Skateboard Deck Blank Natural & EP Snow Grip Tape, Silver Beaver Trucks, Standard Bushings, Snow Ski Kit, Hardware with Tools. You always can upgrade your setup as you progress. Check out our great variety of options!





Dedicated to the progression of Longboarding Skateboarding Hoverboarding Snow Skate Stunt Scooters & Electric Longboarding

summer fun & winter fun is with us 100% guaranteed every day!

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 40 × 15 × 1 cm


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