EP Uni Protective Gear


  • USD: $30.40

Riders Flow:

Street- Park & Cruising- tricks- snowboarding

Features & Dimensions
Model: EP Uni Protective Gear

One size fits all

TPU protective outer exterior

Cotton Fiber

Adjustable straps

High-elastic nylon

You can use this gear for skateboarding, longboarding, hoverboarding, snow skating, and riding your stunt scooter.



Our EP Uni protective gear pack is the perfect protection for any sport outdoor activity. One size fits all so you can have this gear from childhood into adulthood. TPU protective outer exterior ensures extra protection and absorbs impact. Made from a combination of high elastic nylon & cotton fiber. It is lightweight and well ventilated for total comfort. The high-class Velcro straps make adjustments easier. This is an awesome set for protection. One size fits all from 3 years + & they have an adjustable strap at the back. This makes sure that everyone who wears our protection gear always has the perfect fit.

We do not want any of you to compromise on your safety and the exhilarating experience. Hence, we invested a lot of time in market research, collecting customer experiences and recommendations from professionals to compile the best protective gear and safety gear. I think we can all agree on one fact; all of us are passionate about staying in one piece and not getting into serious accidents causing injuries.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 8 cm


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