Easy-People-Skateboards-Speed 2 Tone-Skateboard-Wheel-Set White & Black


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52 mm diameter

30mm contact patch



99a durometer

101a inner core durometer

Rounded Edges

The Speed 2 tone wheels are made of high quality urethane. The wheels outer are 99a durometer and inner core 101a. It’s specifically inner core design is to protect the bearing for huge impacts. This wheel is highly recommended for speed and a smooth ride. The molded core is with the inner edge of the bearing and inner edge of the wheel perfectly aligned. The rounded edges make up for a predictable ride. They have the perfect balance of grip and cushion for your street or park setup


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Easy People Skateboards Speed 2 Tone Skateboard Wheel Set Black & White  features a different type of ride.  It is the perfect set of wheels for riders street and park. It’s profile gives the ability to flip and rotate the wheels for a consistent wear pattern. These wheels are made of super high rebound urethane topped off with outer 99a durometer and inner core 101a. They handle high speeds with great stability and control. Elevate your skate game with them. Keep your deck rolling smooth from the streets to the park.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 25 × 17 × 5 cm


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