Simply Fit Board Green


  • USD: $20.52

Construction: Durable plastic

Board Size:  26″L x 11″W x 3/4″D;

Product weight: 3 lbs.

Users max weight: supports up to 400 lbs.



The Simply workout Fit board green has a unique design that makes it easy for people to get in an efficient workout almost anywhere. Simply place the board on a smooth, firm surface and stand on the board to engage your core, legs, and back while doing basic twists, weight training, knocking out squats and planks, and more. It is a balance board with a twist. . It is a lot of fun by yourself in front of a TV or with friends and family. You can storage very easily and it is great for your health.

The simply workout Fit Board is basically just a curved, unstable surface that you can stand and twist around on. Because you’re forced to stabilize your body (via your abs) during all that twisting, the promises touted on. They are pretty big: “Fun, easy & effective workout in just minutes a day” that “tones your abs, legs, and entire core.”

“Any kind of exercise on an uneven surface that makes you keep your balance will work your core muscles, even something as simple as standing on one leg,” and this board is similar to other balance boards out there. (It’s also similar to a Bosu ball.) And you should primarily think of it as a way to build better balance. While you don’t need to use the Simply Fit Board to meet your goals, if you enjoy using it, then it’s a win.



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Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 60 × 20 × 4 cm


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