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Easy People Longboards Downhill Combo Bushing Sets


  • USD: $5.32

Riders Flow
Cruising, Carving, Racing, Downhill
Durable Strength
Light Weight

Very Soft: 50-100 lbs
Soft: 75-150 lbs
Medium: 125- 200lbs
Hard: 175-250 lbs

All our bushings are made out of high grade urethane formula. These bushings compress and release to perfect center. Easy people’s bushing shapes are designed for every longboard setup.

Color Upgrade Very Soft 50-100 lbs

Color Upgrade Soft 75-150 lbs

Color Upgrade Soft 75-150 lbs

Color Upgrade Medium 125-200 lbs

Color Upgrade Hard 175- 250 lbs



Easy People Longboards Downhill Combo Bushing Sets are located in the heart of your longboard trucks. They make longboarding so much better. Simply by spending a few bucks and swapping out those pre-existing ones with our small, colorful chunks of urethane can drastically change the way your board carves and responds. Bushings come in different durometers (hardness factor) and shapes. The various shapes allow the rider to customize each longboard to fit their body weight and preferred riding style. The 2 most common bushings shapes are barrels and cones. Invest in four freeride bushings cones for your longboard to summon an ultimate carving beast that you never knew existed within your board. If you’re into riding downhill at high speeds, two barrels for each truck will create a more stable and controlled ride. If you’re more of a cruiser type and want to perform tricks, a standard combo cone and barrel for each truck is right up your alley! Different durometers will create different ridding styles. So many riders find it fun and helpful to get bushing kits to experiment. Choosing the right bushing durometer for your setup isn’t hard! Just make sure you know what you want to do with your setup. The durometer is a good fit for your body weight. If you have not tried an Easy People bushing setup for your racing or cruising longboard, you have not yet felt a rebounding truck. These bushings compress and release to perfect center.


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