1 Pack

The Easy People 1 pack Blank Deck comes in two grades, the SB-1 and SB-2. The SB-1 is a semi-pro model and is best for a beginner to intermediate rider. The SB-2 is a pro model and is great for intermediate to advance riders. The SB-1 is made of  7 ply US Maple veneers for lightness and flexibility. The SB-2  is made with  7 ply Canadian Maple veneers / carbon fiber formula for strength, lightness and flexibility. They come in color stain red, blue, black, purple, green however those are only in the SB-1 models. The natural stains come in 4 size options 7.5″, 7.75″, 8.0″, 8.25″, for both the SB-1 and SB-2. The color stain is only available in 3 size options 7.75″, 8.0″, 8.25″.



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