Art Start Skateboard Customized Art Program


Art Start Skateboard Customized Art Program


Hey guy,

It has been a while since we have wrote a more personal blog about easy people.  We want to bring awareness to the many youth programs across North America that are reliant solely on volunteers & donations. These programs are amazing and help disadvantaged youth to have an alternative & creative outlet for guided mental development. The volunteers are truly selfless people, constantly putting their personal time on the back burner to devote more of themselves  to helping these youth have a positive, sometimes life changing experience. In a world where they have to strategies and be resourceful to have a decent budget, it is amazing these programs are even still currently running.

Easy people was first introduced to youth art programs through one of our very own graphic designers, after incorporating us into the program & having us provide the equipment we felt a very positive energy among the children. The crowd reaction we got showed us the bit of happiness we can bring into these youths life with just a simple gesture. Since than we have worked with: multiple youth programs, TDSB programs, Youth Homelessness Prevention Program. We look forward to our future in helping youth programs & TDSB programs.

If you are aware of a program you think could benefit from us please feel free to have them contact us via email: or

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