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Dimension & Features

7omm diameter

50mm contact patch

85a durometer

Rounded Edges


The Speed Cruiser solid wheels are made of high-quality extra-grippy urethane. It’s specifically designed for speed and a smooth ride. The moulded backset core is with the inner edge of the bearing and inner edge of the wheel perfectly aligned. The rounded edges make up for a predictable drift.


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Spacers Upgrade

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Easy People Longboards Speed Cruiser Solid Longboard Wheel Set Yellow are awesome, especially for downhill riding. This wheel features an amazing grip in the most demanding situations but will break out smooth for pre-drifts and slides. These wheels are fantastic for extra sharp turning. It handles high speeds with great stability and control. With a wide contact patch, there’s enough resistance to slow you down during a slide. The moulded core provides a consistent wear pattern. Hit the streets with all the speed and grip you can handle, whether you are bombing hills, cruising to work or just steady rolling. Find it assembled on many of our setups. You’re in pavement heaven!


Longboards Speed Lightning Gel Longboard Wheel Set Blue



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summer fun & winter fun is with us 100% guaranteed every day!


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 0.5 cm


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